Bulk Trash Pick-up

Introduction.  Proper disposal of trash and recycling material is a critical component to maintaining Salisbury’s excellent quality of life and being good stewards of our environment.  The City of Salisbury Public Works provides three types of services to our residents.  These are:

  •    Trash Services.  For more information, see the Trash page.
  •    Curb-side Recycling.  Please refer to the Recycle page for more information.

  •    Bulk Trash Pickup.  A detailed description follows.

The Public Works Department provides a household bulk trash pickup service to City residents to remove large items and yard waste on a weekly basis.  Many municipalities either do not provide household bulk pickup or do so only two or three times a year.  We cannot pickup landlord evictions.  Non-city residents and businesses are not allowed to use the bulk pickup service.


Overview.  Salisbury Public Works provides a weekly household bulk trash pickup service to City residents to remove large items and yard waste, which is:

  • Vegetative Materials or Yard Waste Pickup is free.
  • Bulk Pickup of non-vegetative materials for a minimum fee of $ 25 per pickup.
  • Two free bulk pickup weeks per year.  One pickup will be scheduled in March, and one in September. This does not include appliances.


Bulk Item Fee Schedule.  

  • Weekly Bulk Pickup
    • There is a $25.00 Bulk Pickup charge for all pickups.
    • There is an additional charge for appliances (due to the weight or Freon content).  The fees are:
- Refrigerator     $ 26.00  - Stove                      $ 4.00
- Freezer            $ 26.00 - Washer                 $   6.00
- Dryer                $   4.00 - Air Conditioner     $ 22.00
- Dishwasher     $   6.00

To arrange for pick-up please call the City Finance Department at (410) 548-3110 to complete the application.  Payment (cash, checks, credit cards) will be collected with the application.  Following receipt of payment, the City Yard will schedule pick-up.

Semiannual Free Bulk Pickup Procedures.  

There are two (2) Free Bulk Pickup weeks every year.  One is scheduled in the fall, the third week of September, and one in the spring, the third week of March.  There will be no appliances picked up during these weeks.  Residents must call the City Service Center at 410-548-3177 to be included on the list for the free bulk pickup.  These pickups will be for one week only.


Weekly Bulk Pickup (non-Vegetative items) Procedures.  

Bulk item pickup is done on Mondays only.
Residents must call the City Service Center at (410) 548-3177 and talk to a Customer Service Representative about setting up a bulk pickup.  These pickups will not be accepted from messages left on the answering machine as a form must be filled out by City Service Center customer service representatives in order to receive a pickup.

Please do not place more than three large items on the curb on Sunday night. Our crews start pickup on Monday morning at 6 a.m. The Department cannot pickup more than three bulk items due to equipment and resource constraints.

Please do not place BULK ITEMS in the blue recycling container or the large 95-gallon trash can used for the household trash pickup, this will cause your recycling and trash not to be picked up.

City will not pick up:

Automotive items:

  • Motor oil or antifreeze. The Wicomico County Landfill and Transfer Stations will accept motor oil and antifreeze. Contact the Wicomico County Landfill at (410) 548-4935.
  • Batteries. Some garages or battery dealers may accept old batteries.
  • Tires or automobile parts. The Wicomico County Landfill accepts tires for a small fee and the Landfill has a scrap pile in the Landfill’s Recycling Area.

Paint cans - if the paint is solid or the can is empty, place in a plastic bag and deposit in the normal household trash can. If the paint is liquid, leave the can open until the paint dries hard and then place in a plastic bag and place in the normal trash.
Propane tanks – The Wicomico County Landfill will accept the tanks in the scrap metal pile if the propane tank is empty, the valves are removed, and not larger than the 20-pound size.
Construction, demolition, or renovation materials or debris of any kind;
Riding lawn mowers, pianos, shingles, siding, furnaces, or pipe;
Pallets, lumber, fencing, or landscaping timbers


Weekly Vegetative Materials, or Yard Waste Pickup Procedures.

Residents may call the City Service Center at (410) 548-3177 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to talk with a Customer Service Representative to set up a yard waste pickup.  You may also call in a yard waste pickup request to the answering machine from Friday at 4:30 p.m. through Monday at 6:00 a.m.  Since the Department’s pickup teams depart shortly after 6:00 a.m. and routes must be assigned to our workforce for the day’s pickups, we cannot add pickup requests after 6:00 a.m.

In addition to providing contact information of your name, street address, and telephone number, you will need to provide a detailed description of the yard waste you want picked up. Providing detailed information helps the Department to schedule and assign people, appropriate equipment, and pickup routes

Preparing Vegetative Yard Waste. 

Branches – Each bundle must be tied together, less than 4-feet long, branches or limbs less than 4-inches in diameter, and weighing less than 40 pounds. No more than three bundles per week. Bundles that do not meet this standard cannot be picked up.

Leaves and Vegetative Materials – Please place in plastic bags not weighing more than 40 pounds. Do not place more than 25 bags out per week.

General Policies:

The City Service Center will not pickup landlord evictions.
Non-city residents and businesses are not allowed to use the bulk pickup service.
The fee schedule for appliances will be adjusted when there are fee schedule changes by the Wicomico County Landfill.
This policy was effective as of November 1, 2004; this policy replaces the Public Works Bulk pickup Policy dated May 10, 2001

Point of Contact.  For any additional questions you may have, contact a City Service Center Customer Service Representative at (410) 548-3177.